Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lysterfield Single Track via Mt Dandenong

Saturday saw an early start at 6am with Jas as we headed out on the MTB's for a long day in the saddle. I had done this ride before and it took two hours to get to Lysterfield from home, via Sassafras. On Sat as we headed out it was very hazy due to the back burning that is occurring close to Melbourne.

We are only about 1 km from the base of the mountain and you can just make out the TV tower if you look really closely.

As we made our way up Mt Dandenong, we came across some steep tracks, which was perfect training ground for the Odyssey.

This one was a walker as you can see by the angle of the trees.

We ( I ) made a slight Navigational error somewhere and we ended up doing a bit extra climbing and came out at Olinda instead of Sassafras. We had a short road section which took us to Ferny Creek where we came upon some great tracks and beautiful surroundings. On the road we came upon some guys on the road bikes who were also training for the Otway they were all a bit surprised that a couple of mountain bikers went rolling past them, on the way out of Sassafras. I am sure one guy will be at the Osteo on Monday getting his neck looked at after his quick double take.

Jas just soaking up the surroundings. We found some great tracks in this area and will be back to loop them up with other trails in the area.

By the time we got to Lysterfield we were 20 mins late to meet Ben who had forgotten his phone, so we started our lap and by chance met him half way around. However time was catching up with us and it was time to make our way home. So it was onto the road for a quick roll home up Stud road.

And that's it for riding, the training is done now just relax this week and be ready for Saturday, cant wait. However I did spend about 2 hours giving the bike a thorough clean in the afternoon.

I am off to NZ on Monday and of course will be doing a few rides on some of the great tracks around Christchurch, no intensity just rolling the legs over and enjoying the scenery.

I think Jas likes his new bike and what he can tackle on it.


  1. Won't miss a beat now my friend, I have added this to my homepage at work. Thanks for the ride last night, "no intensity just rolling the legs over" eh? Ha ha

  2. I am lucky that you did not see that prior to the ride, or you might have added a bit more climbing in!!!!!!!!!!!!!